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The Irapuá Farms are located centered at the South State of Brazil (Cachoeira do Sul), approximately 200km from the capital, Porto Alegre.

The property is a part of the brazilian beef cattle industry and started in 2001 only raising Hereford breed cattle, with what it became nacionaly recognized.

In 2010 we also started raising Braford cattle,  more rustic and better adapted to the high temperatures of brazilian summer.

Soy beans started being cultivated at the property in 2013 and it is produced as an integration system together with the livestock.

More recently we started in the olive oil business aiming to the production of extra virgin olive oil. The first trees were brought to the property in 2014.

Besides all of our production system we also raise sheep ("crioula", a local breed), equine, buffaloes, donkeys and a wide variety of bird species that contributes to the local biodiversity.


Besides improving our animais genetics within each breed to produce superior animals to our clients we also aim for environment preservation with an increasing focus on the welfare of the animals.

Aiming their well-being we are constantly aware of our handling and improving it as necessary, respecting animals' behaviour and physiology. The work towards welfare and environment preservation is in constant change and it requires a lot of work and dedication from our workers. 

Are goals are to promote a production system were livestock and agriculture are integrated between each other and within the environment they are at, promoting minimal impact as possible at its fauna and flora and, consequently, to planet. 

Thinking of that, the property have reforestation areas of native forest (under development) where the planting of extinction species still sold on the market are prioritised. Besides that, come of our traditional handlings were already modified bringing welfare benefits to the animal and the production system. This way, their quality of life and efficiency are improved, culminating in a better final product to the consumer as well as the Earth preservation.

Besides that, our females and bulls are all genetically evaluated with the use of PampaPlus program, which is available from the Hereford and Bradford Brazilian Association (ABHB), in order to improve the genetics of the breed to our environment and weather.

In order to genetically improve our herd we use tecnologies such as embrios freezen and transference, in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and semen freezing from high quality bulls not leaving behind natural behavious like natural mating that allows animals to keep sexually fit and us to evaluate their performance.

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