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Hereford is a taurine breed (Bos taurus) originated from the a city with the same name, located at the United Kingdom.

Recognized over 200 years, this beef cattle breed is well known for its docility making the females excellent mothers and of easier handling when compared to zebuine breeds (Bos indicus). 

It is characterized by its red fur with white spots in its face, legs and belly, its hair is thick and curly. These animals have heavy bones and wide structure, they are cold resistant, early sexual maturity and high libido, besides presenting high quality meat.

Hereford is a pure breed being used in a variety of countries in the composition of hybrid breeds such as Braford (crossbreeding between Brahman and Hereford). They also are presented in two bloodlines, with or without horn (known as polled Hereford).

Within the main health problems this breed normally develop are the eye cancer and the infectious keratoconjunctivitis (known as pink eye). The eye cancer is a consequence of a genetics-environment interaction where the lack of palpebral and corneal (córneo-esclerótica) pigmentation increase the photosensibilization of the animal.

On the other hand, the infectious keratoconjunctivitis is a bacterial disease caracterized by conjunctivitis and tearing up due to photoexposition, dust irritation and dryness of the eye in consequence of the wind.

Since they come from a cold region, these animals are sensitive to high temperatures and sunlight incidence, that being said, thermal comfort and  the amount of sun are the main concerns when raising them where summers are too hot, like Brazil.


The brazillian South climate presents cold winter for which, the Heferod breed is well adapted, although, the summer at this region presents really high temperatures. For this reason, one of the main concerns we have is to provide enough shadow and water so that animals can refresh and protect themselves from heat, avoiding heat stress, health issues and, consequently, economic losses. We also select animals that have better eye pigmentation for the breed parameters. 

Outra grande preocupação é quanto às doenças parasitárias devido ao alto índice de infestação por carrapato na região, por isso, na hora de selecionar os nossos animais, priorizamos àqueles menos suceptíveis ao parasito e buscamos alternar os princípios ativos contra o parasito no nosso calendário sanitário, a fim de evitar desenvolvimento de resistência.

As Fazendas Irapuá busca constantemente a melhoria genética de seu rebanho, para que nossos animais tenham a melhor performance dentro do ambiente em que se encontram.

No detalhe: animal da raça apresentando boa pigmentação ocular